PARROT MAGIC 11- Flight Training!

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We do not recommend flight training your bird for outdoor flight unless you are working one-on-one with a professional! 

Please DO NOT use this information to teach your bird how to free fly outside by yourself!!

This material is for anyone interested in investigating the possibilities of free flying and perhaps training your bird the beginning of flight training indoors.

For more information on joining the Free-Style Flyers Club and receiving one-on-one instruction and joining us for the next Free-Style Flight Vacation, please contact us @:


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  • The Parrot Magic Newsletter: The BEST Trick Of All!
  • Outdoor Flight Training DVD (From The Total Parrot Transformational Seminar)
  • Freedom Of Flight Documentary (DVD)

What You Will Learn:

This issue of Parrot Magic is NOT meant to be an instructional course on how to free fly your bird! We will never put a course like that on the market. To properly train your bird to fly outside you need to work with a professional one-on-one because each bird and owner will encounter their own challenges and hurdles to overcome.

  • Random Rewarding for Consistency
  • Trainer Tips to Stop Screaming
  • Jamie’s 3 step process for training out gender specific    hatred.
  • Jamie On Harness Training
  • Taking Your Birds for Walks
    • …And Much More!

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