2-Hour Parrot Training Lecture ($500 + expenses)

Dave and Jamieleigh Womach present a 2-hour long parrot training lecture called The Family Friendly Parrot Formula presentation. This lecture costs $500 and allows for the club or organization to charge per person to attend (ie: if the club sells 30 seats to this lecture for $30, they've just made the $500 it costs to perform the lecture + profited $400.)

No birds are allowed to be brought to the lecture via attendees. Birds will either be used from the club/organization/store or we will bring our own birds to use in demos.

Masterclasses ($150/person, 4 person max)

The following day we will conduct a Master Class. Master classes cost $150/per person with a max of 4 people per class. Each attendee is allowed to bring one bird.

Times for master classes are 10am-2pm and/or 4-8pm.

It's because of offering our masterclasses that we are able to bring our bird lecture to clubs and organizations for a price of $500. Our masterclasses have sold out in as little as 24 minutes from release!