Health and Diet

The link between health and behavior is undeniable!
We take diet, nutrition and health very seriously
here at BirdTricks.

30% of all “bad” bird behavior can be solved by diet alone!
And if that is truly the case, then those in that 30% category
must have been really suffering nutritionally.

BRAVO! to all bird-owners who choose to take their bird’s health and well-being seriously too.

 Our “Cookbooks” are no ordinary cookbooks.
There are 3 core seasonal recipes that are designed to give your bird all the nutrition it needs
over the course of a full year- the way it would eat in the wild! 

This diet is designed to prevent disease and is the healthiest parrot diet ever!

We also offer the healthiest parrot pellet on the market today.
We recommend all companion parrots have a healthy pellet that they enjoy,
especially for those times when you might have to leave your bird in someone else’s care.