Total Transformation Series

Total Transformation Series

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Our Total Transformation Series covers it all. From the live parrot training seminar we held in Orlando, Florida right to your lap.

This is one course that will take you from beginner to advanced and change your relationship with your bird by taking it to an entire different level.

This series includes presentations on:

  1. Causes and Cures of Aggression
  2. The 3 Phases of Fear & Mistrust
  3. Training House Manners
  4. Flight Training Indoors
  5. Raising Baby Birds Right
  6. Training Birds that Don't Want to Train (featuring animal trainer Glen Foster)
  7. Plus two bonus presentations on handling hormonal birds and how to make your passion for parrots make a profit so you can do what you love (and love what you do.)

Each presentation comes with a detailed guidebook to save you the trouble of taking and translating your own notes at a later date (one you can print for use or read directly from your computer/digital device.)

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