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every interaction is a training session.


- Mary Goodman

"I learned so much from One Day Miracles, it's a must for every parrot owner. The toys are truly the best I have bought at reasonable prices and are guaranteed to be SAFE. My two sun conures love them and most are long lasting with my birds. Thank you Bird Tricks."

- Sheri Smith

"Dave and Jamieleigh Womach taught me how to freestyle fly my Greenwing and Blue throat macaws. They did a great job even with miss stubburn Chex the Greenwing. They are wonderful people and take really good care of their birds as well as others. They are a book of knowledge. Have had great experiences with them flying the birds out in Moab, Utah!!"

- John Blon

"This training was well worth the money. Birds are a big investment in time and life... They’re pets you’re going to have for the rest of your life. To have a bird that’s mistrained and going to live unhappily for 100 years that’s sad for both you AND your bird. We’re considering getting a second rescue bird and applying these secrets."


Jinx Taught Morgan to Talk!

My blue throated macaw, Jinx, taught my friend's camelot macaw, Morgan, to talk! How cute is this?! If you need help teaching your birds to talk, we have a talking course available here. Because parrot owners usually want their birds to stop screaming, we have paired these two behaviors together to bring you a more rounded course - not only can...
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