The Basic Parrot Course: Stop Biting!

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Product Highlights:

Watch a LIVE video demo of me taming our wild, biting Macaw, "Tiko." (See how I handle "Tiko" as he lunges at me, screaming and biting -- how I lovingly calm him down... and mesmerize him so much that he BEGS me to pet him with my BARE HANDS 5 minutes later!)

How to STOP your bird's screaming by teaching it to TALK for your attention! You'll be amazed how quickly you can teach your bird to start using "NEW" (quiet) words to get your attention!

Teach your parrot to cheerfully 'step up' onto your hand (without begging, forcing or chasing your parot around his cage) in as little as 3 minutes -- no longer than 3 days!

The #1 Most Critical Mistake almost EVERY bird owner makes when trying to break the "screaming cycle" -- and how to avoid it!

Does your bird HATE you even more -- if you come within 5 feet of its cage? I'll show you how to quickly put an end to this bad (and confusing) behavior... so your bird is happy and eager to see you!

The top 7 reasons birds BITE -- and how to ELIMINATE these triggers! Once you understand what your bird is thinking, it's easy to modify YOUR behavior -- and theirs -- to prevent future biting!
*HINT* Mean parrots Do NOT bite because they HATE you!

How to make sure your NEW baby bird doesn't start biting!

Dealing with "freakish" biting... If your parrot is friendly and cuddling, but then suddenly viciously bites you -- then you MUST watch this video! Your parrot isn't crazy... but you DO need to fix something!

Does your bird scream for 45 minutes or LONGER? No problem... I'll show you how a simple technique -- combined with a little patience -- will cure the screaming habit in 2 weeks (or less)!

You get everything you need to stop your parrot from biting you, from screaming and many, many other unwanted behaviors. Plus 7 amazing tricks specifically engineered to show your bird how to finally appreciate and crave your affection.

You'll Get All Of This:

* Taming Training and Tricks Video Volume 1.

* The Dual CD Eavesdropping Session Recorded Audio (you also get immediate access via the Internet).

* "How to Get My Parrot To Love Me" manual. This is the edited/updated 2017 version. This is now in print and included with your package for shipping.

* "Taming and Training" Clicker to make your "Taming And Training" session fast, simple and easy.

* "How To Potty Train Your Parrot" eBook, which you can also safely and easily download, so you can read it immediately after you order. If you don't receive the download link within 5 minutes, feel free to email us:


Try my "Taming and Training System" for the next 180-days risk-free!

If your relationship with your bird doesn't dramatically change for the better... If he doesn't become the hand-tamed, trick-trained, loving member of your family you desire...

then I insist that you return the package within 180 days of your purchase date..

... And I'll issue you a prompt refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.


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