One Day Miracles 12 Episode Series

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In the pilot season of this NEW Bird Training Reality Series, you'll watch as husband and wife team Dave and Jamieleigh of BirdTricks hit the road to help 12 regular families who are struggling to overcome a variety of relationship challenges with their exotic birds.

Without a script and with cameras rolling from the moment they arrive, you'll see Dave and Jamieleigh work 'live' in the moment with these families and their birds to stop problem behaviors that are all over the board. As you are drawn into each episode you'll learn how to stop behaviors such as: biting, screaming, picky eating, one person bird issues, aggression, phobias and birds who need to learn how to fly back to their persons. We show it all and leave nothing out!

You will receive a total of 12 different episodes along with two bonus products that we felt "filled in the blanks" on topics most talked about that needed further clarification for most viewers.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO BIRD TRAINING and are interested in solving your bird's behavior problems we recommend starting with our Basic Parrot Course found on THIS page. A lot of people have found this course to be an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to bird training. 

The One Day Miracles Series is great for teaching you how to handle not just a dozen different situations but DOZENS! You should be able to take away concepts and principles to help you solve just about any parrot related issue.

We use trick training to solve behavior problems as well as a means of building trust and heading off any possible future behavior issues. Along with a healthy diet, a well-trained parrot is a happy parrot!

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