Premium, All-Natural, Parrot Toys (Bundle of 3)

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Why buy Parrot Toys from us? That’s a great question! 

First off, let me tell you a little bit about the line of toys we carry: Planet Pleasures. The company we get them from has offered us cheaper toys from different manufacturers to help make us more profitable, but we won’t do it! This is why:

Planet Pleasures makes a difference!

Planet Pleasures makes a difference, not only in the life of your parrot by producing all-natural, non-toxic HANDMADE toys, but also in the lives of the people that make them. PPL supports over 400 families who make these toys who would otherwise have NO work at all.

Secondly, they are PREMIUM, ALL-NATURAL PARROT TOYS! They are the best parrot toys on the planet!

Doesn't your bird deserve the very best?

They believe their products should be as environmentally friendly as possible, using renewable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials! There’s NO other bird toy company out there like them. They have our full support!

REASON #1: Total Convenience!
Three brand new toys will be delivered straight to your door every single month (or however frequently or infrequently you want) without a thought about it on your part. Every month, there they are.

REASON #2: Your time is valuable!
This may not apply to everyone, but there is such a thing as “opportunity cost”. Couldn't you be doing something more meaningful? How long does it take you to pick out or make bird toys every month? (You should be providing new/different toys for your bird weekly… cycle them!) We choose 9 different toys each month, and we try to pick out something new and different each month (not an easy thing to do when focusing on foraging). Let us do the choosing for you.

REASON #3: Their Sizing!
We’ve heard this complaint from people who have bought PPL toys from other sources before. When you are picking out the toys yourself you would go with the size you think should be appropriate for your bird, but when you open the box it’s a completely different story! PPL has FIVE sizes! When they send us suggestions they know we have THREE size categories and suggest appropriately. You always get the right size toys from us.

REASON #4: We get NEW RELEASE toys!
PPL gives us toy suggestions every month. We’ve had to complain loudly to get someone to finally get us pictures! I get these toys suggestions and have to go looking on the internet to see what they look like (because we're not going to buy YOU toys when we can’t see what they look like!) and can’t find them anywhere! Why? Because they’re new, and no one else is selling them yet! We finally got an up-to-date catalog- YAY! We won’t buy toys I can’t see because we try to make at least 2 out of the 3 toys foraging toys and the third toy a chunky one. Foraging is important to us here at

REASON #5: Your toy subscription keeps us going!
You have to be a distributor to get the lowest price. We aren’t, and that’s not our niche. We’re here to help people with all kinds of parrot related issues, and your purchase of these toys FROM US helps keep us on the map doing what WE do. Your bird toy subscription keeps both us and them going.

PLUS, we are the ONLY internet company that offers PPL toys on a regular subscription basis.

REASON #6: Birds LOVE them!
Most birds go nuts over PPL toys. If your bird doesn’t seem interested in them, there are ways to overcome that if you’re willing to put in a little work- just a little! Stop putting treats in your bird’s food bowl and start putting them in the foraging toys! During “play-time” with your bird, spread out a sheet on the floor or bed and have a few foraging toys to introduce with treats handy… you can take it from there rewarding your bird for interacting with a toy (touching or even looking at or approaching)… then putting the treat on the toy, then barely IN the toy, etc. If you have our Basic Parrot Course, you know all about this process.

So there you have it- SIX great reasons to subscribe and save 15% on PPL toys from us! 

Oh, and did we mention free shipping? Yep. FREE shipping on all orders within the USA.

International orders are charged $21 shipping. We know that's ridiculous (but we can't help the cost of shipping) so here's an ordering tip: subscribe to multiple sets of toys IN-frequently so you only incur that ONE shipping charge per package. For example, if you would normally want one set of medium toys per month, that would cost $66.89. If you ordered 4 sets every 4 months though, you would only pay that one shipping charge and save $63 in shipping! So that would be like paying $5.25 shipping per set for shipping instead of $21!

If you have a hard time getting your parrot to play with toys, please check out the following blog posts we have on helping your parrot overcome this:

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