Natural Feeding System & Parrot Cookbook Set

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We eliminated fatty liver disease, kidney problems, vitamin D3 deficiencies, calcium deficiencies, dry skin and much more in less than 30 days with our seasonal feeding system alone! (Think of all the money you'll save on Vet bills!)

The seasonal feeding system is what we feed our very own flock every morning. Not only will your birds be happier when they're eating healthier, but they'll live longer too! A healthy diet alone might be the key to resolving your bird's behavioral issues. A bird who doesn't feel well doesn't behave very well either.

Our Cookbook set is a combination of THREE digital cookbooks:
1. "Cooking With Parrots" has over 70 recipes including our Seasonal Feeding System.
2. "Healthy Holidays" has fun healthy holiday recipes.
3. "Sharing the Table With Your Parrot" has recipes designed for you AND your parrot companion to eat.

Our system takes everything we know about parrot nutrition and avian disease prevention and puts it all together into a step-by-step feeding system that you can easily apply every single day without spending more than 15 minutes per day in your kitchen preparing your bird’s meals. Almost every recipe can be made in bulk and frozen to be used at a later date.

The recipes included are there to help convert your bird from unhealthy foods to healthy, parrot-safe versions of those foods. All recipes were uniquely created to entice your bird to enjoy healthier foods found exclusively in our Seasonal Feeding System.

These recipes are 100% vet approved, and that's the first thing we show you in our cookbook.

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