Flock Talk: Stop Screaming, Start Talking


Flock Talk: Stop Screaming, Start Talking - BirdTricks

Flock Talk is our very own Stop Screaming & Start Talking course with footage of wild parrots foraging and socializing with one another with no sound except the voices of real, talking parrots speaking intermittently. You can view a demo of it here.

This digital course is designed to get your bird's attention. The video features wild parrots eating and playing calmly while appearing in a natural, non-threatening environment. Hearing the voices of real, live parrots speaking will also encourage your own bird to speak especially during a heightened state of emotion.

Use Flock Talk to not only encourage your pet parrot to talk, but to also replace unwanted behaviors like screaming. Talking acts as a "replacement" behavior to screaming, and with the help of Flock Talk you can train your bird to talk rather than squawk for attention.

Teaching your bird just a few basic words will bring to life its own hidden vocabulary and will encourage the learning of new words and sounds it hears in everyday life.

Note: This is a digital product.

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