Premium Parrot Toys!

Our all natural, non-toxic parrot toys provide peace of mind. You can be sure that your bird will be completely safe playing with these non-toxic, all natural toys. There are no plastics, paints, glues or toxic metals to ever worry about.

Planet Pleasures makes a difference, not only in the life of your parrot by producing all-natural, non-toxic HANDMADE toys, but also in the lives of the people that make them. PPL supports over 400 families who make these toys who would otherwise have NO work at all.

They use only renewable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials! There’s NO other bird toy company out there like them. They have our full support!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or return for a full refund! (Toys cannot show signs of usage and tags need to be attached, and we do not resell returned toys because health reasons.) You may cancel a subscription at any time.

Oh, and did we mention free shipping? Yep. FREE shipping on all orders within the USA.