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Common Behavior Problems Easily Solved With Target Training

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Common Behavior Problems Easily Solved With Target Training

When some people think of bird training, often the first thing that comes to mind is trick training. They envision the cute routine they saw at a theme park somewhere. While it is very beneficial to a bird to experience all types of training, for the ...


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All Parrots Have Behavior Problems At Some Point In Their Lives

Posted by Patty on

Blue and gold macaws

Everyone, at one point, will experience a behavior problem with their bird. Everyone. Even us. Problems come in all shapes and sizes – from annoyances like begging for food while you are having dinner, to violent attacks on family members. Every owner, at some point, has to admit there is something about their bird they would like to change.

In past posts, I have said that it takes a village to raise a parrot. There have been times when we here at Birdtricks have asked each other for ...

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