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African Grey Learns to Kiss on Cue via Observational Learning

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African Grey Learns to Kiss on Cue via Observational Learning

Out of my entire flock of parrots (which consists of nine) only one of them is a real talker. Many of them talk/mimic human words, but only one shows a great interest in doing so consistently - and that is my male galah, Bandit. 

Bandit is such a talker, that he does it most of the time, including when humans aren’t around him. He usually shares close quarters with my female galah, Bondi and Congo African Grey, Cressi. Because of this, they get the privilege of listening to his antics the most. 

Dave and I have always joked about our...

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Twelve Vital Skills To Teach Our Birds

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Celestial Parrotlet

Celestial Parrotlet in his travelling carrier.


Baby birds are tabula rasa, blank slates, and therefore are such joys to train! But before I get into this, I feel that I have add a little side note: I personally believe that parrots aren’t meant to be pets, yet our captive birds need us. In light of this, I encourage rescue and re-homing where possible. Mine is sometimes a bit of a controversial opinion, but I do also whole-heartedly support people who buy baby birds. I ...

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