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When Do I Re-Home my Bird?

Posted by Sarah Stull on


Cute Caique

The question of when to re-home a bird is an extremely difficult one. It’s not as simple as just giving up the bird to ensure its happiness, because the very act of re-homing will cause the bird emotional trauma.

Here’s how parrots function: When you move them from home to home, they grieve for their people, their flock. It’s not like giving a dog a new home. After a short period of time, a dog will often be overjoyed with attention; they tend ...

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Listing Of Parrot Rescues: We Need Your Input!

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Listing Of Parrot Rescues: We Need Your Input!

I hope that no one reading this blog might be thinking: “It’s about time! I can finally unload this horrible bird!” Sadly, even with all the information on this site that teaches you how to work on your bird problems, helping you to be in the right...

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