The Basic Training Course for Small Birds

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  • The Basic Training Course for Small Birds - BirdTricks
  • The Basic Training Course for Small Birds - BirdTricks
  • The Basic Training Course for Small Birds - BirdTricks
  • The Basic Training Course for Small Birds - BirdTricks


The Basic Training Course for Small Birds

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My Brother Holds Your Hand And
Reveals Exactly How He Transformed His
Wild Parakeet, In Less Than One Week!

That's right. Every section of this video shows my brother working against time to train his parakeet, who was totally wild, and didn't know any tricks, how to be ready to perform in my brothers magic act on a Princess Cruise Ship's stage.

You couldn't wish for a better situation for us to film a video. You get to see us at our best, applying everything we know, in a race against time. And in my opinion, produced one heck of a trick trained parakeet.

You truly won't find anything else like this footage out there. It simply doesn't exist.

So if you'd like to follow along as my brother shows you exactly how he got his parakeet to stop biting, to willingly come out of his cage, and to perform an amazing trick routine on a live Princes Cruise ship in only 7 days, I think this will really open your eyes to what your bird is capable of.

So if you're dying to know how to take your wild, crazy, parakeet and turn him into an obedient friend for life, here's some of what you'll discover:
  • How to get your parakeet to willingly hop out of his cage when he sees you, because he's so excited to play
  • Step-by-step video that show you how to stop little birds from biting
  • Amazing trick training routines that your friends will be floored by
  • 6 Powerful Tricks And Routines Your Bird Will Perform After Just 7 Days Of Training Using These Powerful Techniques
  • Train Your Bird To Stand On A Perch And Jump Through A Hoop On Your Signal On His First Day Of Training.

You'll also see video footage on how to cure your bird's fear of the hoop, what to do when your bird doesn't do the behavior correctly, and how to convince your parakeet that it's fun to jump through the hoop.

  • Train Your Parakeets To Stand On Your Finger And Lean WAY Out To Give You A Kiss
Okay. You can read from a bunch of crappy books out there how to teach this trick. You stick a piece of food in your mouth, and the parakeet goes to eat it. HOWEVER, what I'm going to teach you is how to get the parakeet to kiss you WITHOUT any food in your mouth. And how to give him a silent cue that gets him to do it every time.
  • How To Have Your Bird Spin In Circles At The Wiggle Of Your Finger
You get to see how we train this, while my brother takes his parakeet into a lounge, forcing the parakeet to be distracted. This way you'll learn how to get your parakeet used to performing in front of other people.
  • How To Teach Any Parakeet To Climb Those Ladders you See At Pet Stores, And Not Just Sit On the Them
You get to watch as my brother trains his parakeet to climb a ladder in only 5 minutes. Hint: It has to do with what order you train each of these tricks in.
  • Teach Your parakeet To Climb Straight up a piece of rope!
I promise you, I didn't even know how this was possible, until my brother had his parakeet do this right in front of my face. You'll discover how creative we got to get the parakeet to think climbing a long rope was a good idea. Works on larger birds too!
  • How To Tie Each Trick Together So Your Parakeet Will Do Them As A Routine


And this package wouldn't be complete without step-by-step instructions on how tie all of these tricks together into an amazing routine that you can show to your family and friends. I promise you it will blow them away.

You'll Get All of This:

  •  The first thing you'll get is an awesome DVD that outlines my brother's 7 day adventure that reveals exactly how he transformed a wild parakeet into a professionally trick trained bird.
    The DVD contains the fastest, most applicable training techniques for small birds like parakeets, Quakers, lovebirds and cockatiels that you've ever seen.
  •  The Dual CD Eavesdropping Session Recorded Audio (you also get immediate access via the Internet).
  • "How to Get My Parrot To Love Me" manual. This is the edited/updated 2017 version. This is now in print and included with your package for shipping.
  •  "Taming and Training" Clicker to make your "Taming And Training" session fast, simple and easy.
  •  "How To Potty Train Your Parrot" eBook, which you can also safely and easily download, so you can read it immediately after you order. If you don't receive the download link within 5 minutes, feel free to email us:

Plus You'll Also Receive Our
15 Page, 7 Day Action Guide
(Complete with Illustrations)

This guide starts from the beginning and shows you how to raise small birds like parakeets from the time they still need to be hand-fed all the way to maturity. So if you're just getting started in the world of owning small parrots, you won't need to look any further than right here.

We hand you this 7 day action plan that you can print out and have with you during each training session to help guide you towards training your parakeet to do everything I've talked about in during the next 7 days.

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