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Dear Owner Of Plucking Parrot,

Owning a bird that plucks its feathers is hard. You want your bird to be happy, and you've probably tried everything you can think of to help him stop plucking...

... you've had him checked out by a Vet, you've rubbed Aloe Vera on his body, you've tried to spend more time with your bird, yet nothing seems to stop the plucking.

If I've heard this story once, I've heard it a thousand times. And I'm hear to tell you that there's still a very real chance that I can help your bird stop plucking for good... even if you think you've tried everything!

Because I recently called up a world renowned feather plucking expert, and got her to tell me how she continues to get her clients birds to stop plucking, time, and time again.

And on that call she explained to me that...

There Are 12 Reasons Parrots Pluck...
And Each Reason Is Solved Differently

One of the main reasons parrots pluck, is because they get nervous around their owners. And tons of parrot owners have stopped their birds plucking by simply training tricks as a way to overcome this nervousness.

But that doesn't mean trick training would help a parrot that picks its feathers due to a medical condition, allergic reaction to airborne illnesses, or any of the other 12 basic reasons parrots pluck. That's what makes feather plucking so frustrating... you have to know what's causing the plucking before you try to fix it.

Sadly, what most people do, is take their bird to the vet to see why he's plucking. The vet says the bird is in perfect health, and can't do anything to solve its problem, and then figure there's no helping their bird!

These Veterinarians are completely misinforming thousands of bird owners, because only a small percentage of parrots pluck for medical reasons. So to fix the problem, you need to pinpoint which of the 12 major reasons is causing your bird's plucking, and then try the two or three techniques best known for fixing that type of plucking.

And you can learn all of those techniques from my recorded interview, where you'll learn strategies like:

How Stop Separation Anxiety - How to get a parrot that misses you so much, that he pulls out all his feathers every time you leave town. Plus learn how to create the right environment for your bird, so you don't come home to a plucked parrot from your next vacation.

Stop Feather Plucking When Scared - Learn how to stop your parrot from plucking out all its feathers just because they're afraid of you, or someone else in your home.

Quitting the Bad Habit Of Plucking When You Leave The Room - Some parrots pluck every time their owners leave the room. We talk about how to break this bad habit so you don't have to always be next to your parrot to keep it from pulling out its feathers.

How To Cure The "Itchy" Parrot - Does your parrot look like it always has to scratch an itch it has? If so, we'll talk about strategies to eliminate that itching.

Stop Feather Chewing & Mutilation - Maybe your parrot doesn't pluck his feathers, but instead mutilates them. If your parrot looks very ragged all the time, or you find chewed off pieces of feathers in the bottom of his cage, we are going to show you some ways to train your parrot to naturally let his beautiful feathers grow back.

Warning Signs Of Future Feather Pluckers - Maybe your parrot doesn't pluck his feathers yet. But that doesn't mean he won't. Think about it, all feather plucking parrots didn't always pick their feathers. They developed the habit. We talk about some of the early warning signs to look out for that will Warn you if your parrot is going to start plucking, so you can make sure to stop it BEFORE it starts!

Tips If You've Tried Aloe Vera And It Failed Miserably? - If you have tried rubbing Aloe Vera on your parrot, and haven't seen any results, will give you a few suggestions, that will point you in a better direction.

Stop Parrot From Plucking Shoulder Feathers - Does your parrot only pick his shoulder feathers? There is a good reason behind this, and we will cover how to help solve this problem as well.

Stop Parrot From Plucking Stomach and Chest Feathers - There can be very distinct and serious reasons for why your parrot plucks these areas, and we will help you analyze if they are serious, and how to stop the plucking in these areas too.

Why Feather Plucking Can Lead To Death & How Keep Your Bird Alive - Does your parrot chew holes in its chest cavity or skin or pick itself so badly that it bleeds? Severe plucking can result in this and ultimately the loss of your parrot's life. Learn why they do this, how to stop it and how keep it from ever happening to you.

Why Parrots Pluck Previously Injured Areas and How To Stop It - Does your parrot only pluck areas that used to be injured or did your parrot just suffer an injury? Then you'll want to make sure he doesn't develop the bad habit of picking that area. Study this interview or risk ending up with a few extra bald spots on your bird.

and much, much more (seriously, a LOT more!!!)...

I'll Show You How To Fix All
Types Of Feather Plucking...

... But There's Something Else You
Should Know About Plucking

A parrot will normally start plucking for one of 12 major reasons. But unless you act quickly, plucking can become a habit harder to quit than cigarettes.

So if your parrot has just started plucking, the clock is literally ticking... and you have only a short, precious amount of time to act before the behavior becomes an irreversible habit. I don't say this just so you'll buy this interview, I say this because it's true. If you don't believe me, just call up any reputable Avian Veterinarian, and they'll agree with me 100%.

But that doesn't mean you should just throw in the towel on a bird that's been plucking for years. These strategies and techniques have helped long term feather pluckers as well... they just take a bite more devotion.

Go ahead, order these recordings, listen to them, and try all of the many tips and strategies on your parrot for the next 12 months. If at any time you decide that these strategies won't work for your bird, simply send the program back, and I'll refund every penny.

You've got nothing to lose!

There Are 2 Ways To Get Access
To This Feather Saving Interview

Because there are so many ways to combat feather plucking, I've decided to offer you two separate packages that will really help stop your parrot from feather plucking.

The first package contains the 2 CD recorded interview detailing the 50+ simple strategies you can use to stop your parrot from plucking.

But because trick training is the best way to get your parrot to be less afraid of you, often resulting in instant termination of their feather plucking habit, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't offer an upgraded version of this "Stop Feather Plucking" package that came with my "Basic Parrot Course".

If you opt for the upgraded package, in addition to the "Stop Feather Plucking Recordings", you'll also receive "The Basic Parrot Course" including Vol. 1 of my "Taming, Training & Tricks" DVD's for parrots that covers 7 simple tricks to get you started. This will help your parrot become more trusting of you and reduce his tendency to pluck.

So If you're serious about doing whatever it takes to stop your bird's feather destructive habit, don't make the mistake of leaving trick training out of the picture, and order your copy of this "Upgraded" feather plucking system for only $59.95. That's right, that's just $5 more than the cost of my "Basic Parrot Course"! I believe so strongly that my "The Basic Parrot Course" will be such an invaluable tool in helping you stop your bird's plucking that I want to give you a deal you can't refuse.

It's a small price to pay to give your bird his feathers back.




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