PARROT MAGIC 5- Bringing Up Baby Birds RIGHT!

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  • The Parrot Magic Newsletter: Metal Toxicity
  • Raising Baby Birds Right DVD (From The Total Parrot Transformation Seminar)
  • Baby Bird Secrets Audio Interview (Exclusive Parrot Magic Content featuring a parrot behavior specialist)
  • Socializing Audio CD (Exclusive Content For Parrot Magic)

 What You Will Learn:

  • All About Heavy Metal Poisoning: Causes, Symptoms
     And Treatments
  • Peanut Butter Therapy?
  • Micro-chipping
  • Breeding Parakeets & Raising The Babies
  • The Dangers Of Hand Rearing
  • Proper Cage Selection And Set-up
  • The Cost Of Owning A Toucan
  • The Beginning Of Flight Training
  • How To Socialize Birds With Other Birds
  • How To Choose The Right Cage
  • What It Takes To Be A Toucan Owner
    …And Much More!

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