PARROT MAGIC 2- Advanced Clicker Training

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  • Parrot Magic Newsletter: Trash Can Pick Up
  • Advanced Clicker Training DVD (Exclusive Parrot Magic Content)
  • The Parrot Ownership Guide (on disc)
  • Bonus Parrot Magic Audio CD (#2, Exclusive Parrot Magic Content)

 What You Will Learn:

  • How To Train “Drop It” And Why It’s Important.
  • Introduction To Random Rewarding
  • Introduction To Nutrition plus Calcium: Why They Need It And A Fun Way To Get It.
  • What’s In Your Water?!
  • How And Why To Use “Refreshers”
  • Natural Nail Trimming
  • Trainer Tip: Desensitization
  • The Danger of Over Training
  • What are “Refreshers”? And Why Are They're Important?
  • Letting Your Bird Make Choices: Good or Bad?
    …and Much More!

Need an extra hand to help you hold the clicker, target stick and treat?!

You'll also learn advanced clicker training techniques to take your bird training to the next level! We make it easy!

You get what you CLICK! 

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