PARROT MAGIC 1 + The Basic Parrot Course

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Your first issue of Parrot Magic will include The Basic Parrot Course: Stop Biting! Course. It's the perfect starting point and introduction to our training methods.

It covers all the basics of our training concepts and principles and lays the foundation for any and all training to follow. 


  • The Basic Parrot Course: Stop Biting!
  • Parrot Care Manual
  • DVD Vol. 1
  • 2 Audio CDs: Clicker Training & A Parrot Training Seminar With Chet And Dave
  • Trick Training Clicker
  • Parrot Magic Newsletter: The Bat Newsletter
  • Bonus Parrot Magic Audio CD (#1)

What You Will Learn

  • How To Approach A Fearful Or Aggressive Bird Using The Power Pause Training Technique
  • How To Read Body Language
  • Clicker Conditioning
  • The Best Treat For Training
  • How To Set-up A Safe Training Diet
  • The Best Training Environment
  • Target Training
  • Basic Parrot Care
  • How to Hold Your Bird Properly
  • 6 Bond & Trust-Building Games
    …And Much More!

    If you would like a deeper discount you may purchase the entire set all at once for just $499 HERE.