Gram Scale

Gram Scale

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Why weighing your bird could save it's life.

Please read the above blog post. Having a scale and actually using it is one of the most important things for "parronts". Parrots must be weighed in grams in order to see drops or gains in their weight.

The many benefits of using a scale with your bird:

  • Monitors your bird's health- it could save your bird's life!
  • Gives you Peace-of-Mind during a diet transition KNOWING that your bird is eating enough.
  • Knowing your bird's weight will help you evaluate the level of motivation BEFORE you even begin a training session!
  • Use it as a training stand.

Can't even get your bird out of the cage? Now you understand the value of what we call "trick training"! Getting your bird onto a scale should be the first "trick" every bird owner should work towards. You simply cannot take proper care of your bird without a scale. Birds are masters at hiding their illnesses, and by the time we realize they're sick, it's usually too late! Weight loss is often the first sign of illness. A 10% UNEXPLAINED drop in weight means a trip to the Vet- asap! (Can't get your bird out of the cage? Can't handle your bird? Parrot Magic is the place to start!)

This is the scale we use for our birds, and so it's the one we have decided to sell.

This is a high accuracy gram scale in natural wood.

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