Meet Our Flock

It can be confusing which birds actually belong to us since we work with a lot of birds. Since we get asked this question a lot, I thought I’d make a page showing you each and every member of our flock.

Introducing our birds from oldest to youngest:

Name: Bondi (pronounced: “bond-eye”)
Species: Galah/rose breasted cockatoo
Gender: Female
DOB: March 3, 2005

Bio: Bondi is named after Bondi Beach in Australia (topless beach… rose breasted… get it?) and was our very first bird together. She was also partially raised by my (Jamieleigh’s) parents and is our most social parrot. She is the most well trained out of the flock as she knows the most behaviors of them all, and she thrives on attention (a true cockatoo).

Name: Cressi
Species: Congo African Grey
Gender: Female
DOB: October 31, 2007

Bio: Cressi was our very first free-flight trained parrot. Her name comes from a scuba gear brand as Dave and Jamieleigh are avid scuba divers! Cressi is most well known for her insane appetite for her small stature and for her easy going nature: m-e-l-l-o-w!

Name: Bandit
Species: Galah/rose breasted cockatoo
Gender: Male
DOB: March 13, 2008

Bio: The “baby boy” is most well-known for his crazy antics and games, adorable voice (yes, he mimics Jamieleigh) and constant whispers on camera. He isn’t afraid to roll off a bed or dip into canyons to play hide and seek.


Name: Jinx
Species: Blue-throated macaw
Gender: Male
DOB: May 5, 2008

Bio: Our own little Houdini, Jinx is the breakout king of any cage. He's a lock picking genius and a total rascal. He is the loudest, the moodiest, and one of the most fun to watch fly. He got his name from how he “jinks” in the air like a fighter plane going upside down and dropping quickly only to flip right side up again somewhere else in the sky!

Name: Comet
Species: Camelot macaw (yellow dominant)
Gender: Male
DOB: June 15, 2008

Bio: A total mama’s boy, Comet is our fluff ball and total cuddler. He always passes his annual well-bird exam with flying colors yet has the least amount of interest in actually flying. He would rather run regardless of the circumstance, but every once in a while he will surprise us.

Name: Tusa (pronounced: “too-suh”)
Species: Camelot macaw (blue-green dominant)
Gender: Male
DOB: June 22, 2008

Bio: Also named after a scuba brand, Tusa is another very mellow member of the flock. We refer to him as the “peacekeeper” because he never chooses to fight and is always trying to keep the peace. Therefore, his work will never be done among our flock! He is Comet’s younger brother. Comet and Tusa were from the same clutch, and Tusa hatched 7 days after Comet.

Name: Rocko
Species: Toco Toucan
Gender: Male
DOB: July 1, 2011

Bio: While on tour, our BirdTricks fan family came together and decided to buy Rocko for us. They literally forced us to make a "fund me" sort of thing for buying a baby toucan. Then they all pitched in and got us Rocko. Thank you!! He is a constant reminder of how loved we are by our fans and continues to bring inspiration to us always. He is a massive cuddler and a totally crazy "can".

Names: Lily, Phoebe (“fee-bee”), Detka (“dee-et-ka”)
(There are only 2 pictured, but we have 3!)
Species: Sun conures
Gender: Females (sisters)

DOB: December 9, 13 and 16, 2011
Bio: We call these three rascals, “the girls”, “the girly girls” and “the babies” because they’re just so “cute, cute, cute!" Those are all things Lily loves to repeat! Since they are the smallest members of our flock, we can’t help but think of them as forever babies.

Species: White doves
Gender: 2 males, 5 females

Bio: We have seven doves we use in our show specifically for "the dove act”. Our doves go by names that reflect what they perform in the show. One is named “silly string” because the dove appears from silly string! The two exceptions are Jamal and "the baby." Jamal was named “ by a singer during a contract, and that stuck. "The baby" was also born aboard ship, and everyone called him “the baby” (I know, we really need to stop using that.)

You can get to know each member of our flock better by simply searching their name on our youtube channel or watching our videos: the Freedom of Flight, ParrotFX, Horror-mones and more where we feature them!

Although we make bird ownership look pretty darn amazing, please watch this first if you are considering getting a pet parrot.