Giving Our Birds the Glory of Flight

You are invited to partner with us to bring a few of our precious feathered friends to a special place where they can experience the joy of flight in solitude and safety.

Our dream has been to live in a place where we can free fly our parrots as often as possible in the safest environment possible. That place for us is Moab, Utah. We purchased 6 acres in Monticello, Utah (just a 40 minute drive away) and are pouring the foundation to build on it in the fall 2016.

We open our own theater where we are performing magic three times a week at Canyonlands by Night in Moab, Utah on May 16, 2017.

Dave and I have been reaching out to investors for years with a business plan to build our own theater in Moab with no luck. So we decided to be our own investors and approached Canyonlands by Night in June, 2016 where we performed three magic shows to test the concept. It was a huge success! We will be back for a full season starting mid-May of 2017.

In the meantime and going forward, we are inviting bird lovers everywhere to share in this unique experience with us through their heart-felt and generous contributions to this endeavor. All proceeds are being used exclusively for construction of the facilities we will need to realize this awesome dream of offering these birds a place to fully experience the miracle of flight.

Contributions of $200 and above will receive a free flying parrots calendar and our Freedom of Flight documentary. Here is a preview of what it looks like (see below). There is no other way to receive this calendar, it's something we created specifically for contributors.

These calendars are made on a non-bulk website, and the quality is seriously worth noting. I actually create my daughter's yearly keepsake books on this site, and although they are not cheap, the quality is undeniable. Which is why I went with them for this project as well.