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Which Product is Right For Me?

We are often asked the question: Where do I start? Our #1 recommendation is The Ultimate Parrot Ownership Course: Parrot Magic. It's a 1-year course on parrot care and training. The first issue contains the Basic Parrot Course. By the end of the year you will own almost everything BirdTricks has created in hard copy. Some content is exclusive to Parrot Magic students only. (The Total Parrot Transformation Seminar DVDs are included.)

If you don't think Parrot Magic is for you, then our second recommendation is The Basic Parrot Course or The Basic Course for Small Birds depending on what kind of bird you are wanting to train.

We also hear this one a lot:

"I'm not interested in teaching my bird tricks. I just want it to stop biting!"

(....well hey, good luck with that! ;)

You can substitute the word "behavior" for tricks then. It really is NOT ABOUT THE TRICK at all. It's about the entire process and experience. In the end your bird will learn a cool trick, but that's not the point. The point is the whole activity, the fun and the building of trust. There is also a principle present during training that isn't there any other time: you do what I say, and you'll get a reward. Obedience! If you've had a bird for any length of time you know how true it is that if you don't know what you're doing, your bird will RULE the house!

There are numerous benefits to trick training, but a big one is: LEARNING A SHARED LANGUAGE! That clicker is going to tell your bird when it has done something RIGHT/GOOD. Pair that up with a tasty treat and some good feelings, and you've created some powerful motivation for being a good bird!

After The Basic Parrot Course you can then go onto any other course we have and understand how to use it. The One Day Miracles is perfect for helping you understand how to solve everyday problems you may encounter. The Elite Trick Training System teaches 24 more advanced trick training routines for larger birds (cockatiel size and up).


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