Parrot Magic- The Ultimate Parrot Ownership Course!

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1. You may purchase each one separately here.
2. You may purchase as a monthly subscription for 12 months and save $10-$15 per issue HERE.
. You may purchase them all at once and save even more HERE!

This Course Will Transform Your Relationship with Your Parrot...

We deliver the necessary information, in fun-sized bites each month so you aren't overwhelmed with too much all at once. Over the course of the year you will learn all the possible problems parrot owners face, how to solve them, and better yet, how to PREVENT them!

Each issue is designed to keep you learning and engaged with your bird and will make you a more educated, well-informed and responsible parrot owner. This course takes parrot ownership to the next level. Your bird is worth the investment!

Our Parrot Magic Course consists of 12 monthly issues. Each issue has over 20 pages of original content focusing on different topics of interest and importance. In the first issue we give you our Basic Parrot Course: Stop Biting! which takes you from ground ZERO with your bird and tackles the biting problem. (We use "trick training" as a means of taming and training because it WORKS!)

Each Parrot Magic issue contains:

  • Audio CDs and DVDs- from parrot and other animal training experts EXCLUSIVE for Parrot Magic members. A lot of this material is not advertised or sold elsewhere.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions- training a unique Parrot Magic trick to your bird presented by Dave Womach. (See videos on this page for examples of tricks you will learn to teach your bird.) Trick training strengthens the parrot-person relationship by building trust through these "bond building games". The benefits of trick training are too numerous to recount here.

  • Healthy Habits, Tips and Tricks- keeping your pet bird's health on the right track by Patty Jourgensen. A healthy bird is one of the major ingredients in ensuring its happiness. 

  • Dear Polly- answering your common questions in a fun and entertaining way from a bird's eye view. We think you will find this both fun and enlightening.

  • "Your Bird Said WHAT?!"- sharing funny stories about how our parrots can sometimes be the most embarrassing part of our day! By Mel Vincent. We created this just to make you smile!

  • Perch Potato Prevention- getting your bird active and healthy by Patty Jourgensen. Patty shares creative ways to get your birds blood circulating. We all know how important exercise is, right? Enough regular exercise can reduce your parrot's screaming significantly!

  • Avian Antics - sharing real life stories of birds in entertainment by Heather Scott.

  • Tales from Toucanland- disclosing unique experiences that only those with companions toucans have by Chrissann Nickel. Do you know what it's like to own a toucan?

  • A Helping Wing- relating amazing and inspiring experiences rescuing birds of all kinds from the Land Down Under by Mel Vincent. We LOVE rescue work!

  • "Tails" From the Road- recounting stories from life on the road traveling with their beloved flock of birds by Dave and Jamieleigh. Can we inspire you to travel more with your birds?

  • BirdTricks Trivia!-seeing how much you know, and how much you don't. Curious? You'll be much more "parrot-wise" with each issue!

  • And much, much more!

Each issue has over 20 pages of content, and each trick taught has been outlined with photo diagrams to make them super easy to teach.

We included plenty of edu-tainment because think learning should be fun! Delivering tons of very important information, we know you are able to put to good use in your home with your bird. (Cancel anytime, there is no obligation to complete the course.)

If you are new to trick training, start right here! The Basic Parrot Course is the best place to start, and it is included in your first issue!