Taking a Knife to Your Bird Toys

If you'd like to purchase toys like the one in this video, you can use the buy now button below. We will send you 3 toys per bundle as often as you want!

Our toys come in three sizes; small, medium and large based on what size parrot you have.


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  • dont worry i dont have a makah RIGHT now like on 2 – 27 – 2011! okay?!


  • Interesting Chet. Especially after the email message on bird toys. Which brings me to this vid, I just seen through here on making bird toys (would love to order toys from you,,,,but just don t have funds to do that as much as would LOVE too)
    I’m wondering about the safety of like the straws, and plastic water bottles

    Connie F.

  • nice video on golden macaw i like this clip<<<<<<<


  • Well thank you Chet for all the free videos they were vary helpful and saved my parrots life

    John smith

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