Taking a Knife to Your Bird Toys

Posted by Bird Tricks on

If you'd like to purchase toys like the one in this video, you can use the buy now button below. We will send you 3 toys per bundle as often as you want!

Our toys come in three sizes; small, medium and large based on what size parrot you have.


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  • Interesting Chet. Especially after the email message on bird toys. Which brings me to this vid, I just seen through here on making bird toys (would love to order toys from you,,,,but just don t have funds to do that as much as would LOVE too)
    I’m wondering about the safety of like the straws, and plastic water bottles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDDX9r_uixw&feature=player_embedded

    Connie F. on
  • nice video on golden macaw i like this clip<<<<<<<

    varun on
  • Well thank you Chet for all the free videos they were vary helpful and saved my parrots life

    John smith on
  • Cant get the video to play.

    Ann Lavin on
  • My 6 year old Quaker, Buddy stays entertained from dawn to dark building with shish kebab sticks
    (points removed). Builds platforms into the sides of his cage, Once finished, climbs
    outside pulls them out and starts rebuilding. Got the idea when I read a Quaker
    is the only parrot that builds with sticks. He is so smart, has the mentality and
    vocabulary of a 3 or 4 year old. Sometime it is shocking as to his intelligence.

    Phyllis Roberson 11/05/2010 on

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