Taking a Knife to Your Bird Toys

If you'd like to purchase toys like the one in this video, you can use the buy now button below. We will send you 3 toys per bundle as often as you want!

Our toys come in three sizes; small, medium and large based on what size parrot you have.


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  • Hi………Pooguy pronouncedd poo-g-ee, a 2yr old maroon chested conure I have had him 1 yr now. He is very socialable w/me and seems bossy and or aggressive towards others. I have been asked to take a love bird from some friends. My question is……….Would this new bird interfere with pooguy and mine relationship? Would pooguy pick up the love birds very loud screeching yells & is that a behaviour that is easy to tame. Are these two birds compatible and able to spend time in same room together???? thank you for any advice Melvina BTW Pooguy had his first swim two weeks ago hahhahahah. now off to watchthe video


  • That is a WONDERFUL idea! My macaw loves the pinatas BUT will love them even more now.

    Thank You, Chet!


  • Will these approaches work for parakeets? (with smaller toys, of course)


  • I have a small 1 year old cockatiel who can’t stop chewing his tail feathers off. He chews at the feathers bottom so it falls of and goes right on to the next one. I’ve tried to distract him with toys, attention, food, and training. I don’t want to tell him no because I don’t want to stop preening. Do you have any advise on this problem? Thnx


  • Great idea! Thanks for the tip Chet. I really need to get going with foraging type activities for Bella (my Timneh) She’s doing just fine but I know she’ll enjoy this kind of activity.

    Geoff Stanners

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