Taking a Knife to Your Bird Toys

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  • i don’t have any sound


  • Chet, Another real inexpensive version of this is taking two old tube socks and putting one in side the other creating a thick woven sock. Next I take a combination of food and nuts and begin to fill the sock 1/3 full using a home made funnel (cup with the bottom cut out). To seat all the goodies at the bottom of the sock swing the sock rapidly by holding the top and whirling it in circle. Finally suspend the sock above the bird and them them begin to forage. Truly it is a 3 day toy at the minimum.


  • I do this with all of Daisy’s toys ( Timneh grey )

    It works a treat, banana chips or walnut halves, she wouldnt touch a coco nut the other day , until I had "enhanced " it a little !

    The other thing I would recommend is a large coop pot fastened with its hanger( I think thats what they are called ) Daisy’s is at the bottom of her cage, its filled with toys, bits of paper, the odd pellet and banana chips etc, large beads, chunks of wood, foot toys, etc etc, that keeps her busy for ages as she empties it !
    She loves her foraging toys, even when they are empty. A bird needs to forage !!!


  • hi,
    i have a new rand reard baby cockatiel who is 8 wks old and he is realy tame but he dosnt know how to play yet. is there a way i could tech him to play with his toys. he gets a long realy well with my budgie and loves to eat. i dont realy want to put paper toy things in the cage. is there another way to tech him to play



  • hi one more question how do you get your bird to try diferant foods coz my birds are realy picky


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