Taking a Knife to Your Bird Toys

Posted by Bird Tricks on

If you'd like to purchase toys like the one in this video, you can use the buy now button below. We will send you 3 toys per bundle as often as you want!

Our toys come in three sizes; small, medium and large based on what size parrot you have.


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  • I have two quaker parrots. Yjeu are handicapped. On the sense of one of them wears a cervical collar. I was told he was hit by a car. So now he plunks his feathers out of his body, back legs, stomach and anywhere he can reach. He can rotate the collar around his neck, even though the collar is very secure. I do need to watch the collar to see if he bleeds, picking at his skin. One time, he was able to tear his skin at the hip area, My vet was wonderful, and sutured his skin. He limps like a pirate. Love him! Bruce Lee is his name. This fits him perfectly, Aggressive, laughs, talks all the time. and wants to be first when the food is coming. I do believe he is jealous! I hate it….He makes me laugh.
    My most favorite quaker is Beaker! I bought these two Quakers because of her. She is so sweet. Loving. Bit being with BL has been challenging for her. He steals, chases her, pulls her feathers and takes her food. I want to help her. Please help me to help her!
    Love my Quakers!!!

    Linda on
  • Hi Chet. The link does not open to your video on taking a knife to your bird toys… Is there another link that can be used

    Jacqueline e Jennings on
  • Hi, i have a sulphur crested cockatoo which i bought a few days ago. Its scared of me. its doesn’t wanna play and not active. How can i help to avoid these problems. thanks.

    Julius on
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    aubrey on

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