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How Well Do You Know Your Bird?

How Well Do You Know Your Bird?

I wonder how many hours in my life I have dedicated to staring at my birds? To a non-parrot owner, that might seem like time wasted, but we all know better.

It blows my mind whenever I read something about “new discoveries” regarding parrot intelligence in some science journal.  A bird’s foraging skill is hardly a new development. It is how they have fed themselves for millions of years.

But to a non-bird owner, or a scientist who is just ...Save

An Easy Foliage To Use With Pet Birds


My Blue and Gold Macaw “Fid”, likes to drag grass up to his sleeping platform and roll in it.


Having seen photos in recent blog posts or on the Facebook page, a few people have been asking about the foliage in my cages? What exactly is it? What do the birds do with it? What do I do to prepare it before I give it to them?


Tips For Keeping Your Bird Busy And How To Make Parrot Toys Last

Tips For Keeping Your Bird Busy And How To Make Parrot Toys Last

 If you have been following my blog posts, you’ll know that I have a Blue and Gold Macaw who excels at getting into trouble. This has become a significant problem for me, especially since he has...

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The Ethics Of Bird Cage Flooring

Merlin & Nemo

My galahs Merlin & Nemo checking out the day's deposit of fresh grass


There are many different ways of setting up the lower half of your cages and aviaries. Most people (myself included) have some sort of wire grill at the base of their setups.

There are many advantages to this. The main one is obviously that a bird’s poo and waste will fall through the grill, which let’s face it – is a much healthier alternative to a bird eating ...

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Converting Your Bird From An All Seed Diet

It is my firm belief that providing a proper diet is our #1 responsibility to our birds.  As long as we keep wild creatures in a cage, and at our mercy, it is imperative that we at least give them that which they need to maintain their health, both mental and physical.
Many of us have parrots who have come to us with serious diet issues whether they have been re-homed or have come from a pet store. In this age of information there are still many, many parrots living on an all seed ...

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